A complete insight on an ideal backpack

When it comes to hiking backpacks, there is so much widespread variety in terms of features, styles, price and brands, that you are bound to get puzzled at the time of purchase. Unless, of course you are absolutely certain about your choice! But if not, spend a few minutes here and learn how to pick the best backpack in the business!

Do you know how many types of backpacks are there?

The number is four!
  • Fanny Backpacks
  • Hydration packs
  • Day hiking packs
  • Multiday hiking backpacks

Hope these options will help you out. However, following are

The Features that make an Ideal backpack!

  • Suspension system: Choose a backpack by an up-to-date and a reputable manufacturer to get a good suspension system.

  • Hip belt: Without a good hip belt, all the weight of the backpack will be concentrated on your shoulder, neck and back muscles.Look for broader and better-padded belts.
  • Shoulder harness: The shoulder harness keeps the upper pack closer to you and also supports the weight of the backpack. Curved shoulder harnesses fit better.

  • Stabilizer straps: If you are having a backpack with an internal frame, the stabilizer straps are important. An ideal backpack should have an upper stabilizer strap and a hip belt stabilizing strap.

  • Lumber pads: A limber pad with a high-friction fabric is ideal as it prevents the belt from slipping.

Now, those of you who can’t wait to zero in on the best hiking backpack…here is

TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack! This backpack is going to you amaze you by its

  • Rugged, internal frame and a capacity of 4,000 cubic inches
  • 5 pounds of weight
  • Dual aluminum stays that perfectly fit with the contour of your back
  • Padded shoulder straps, waist belts and lumber area that provide optimum comfort
  • Full length adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable torso
  • Separate sleeping bag compartment.

No wonder, with so many commendable features…this backpack has scored a high rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 from its users.

So, what are you waiting for? Go…grab your ideal backpack before you set out for the hiking experience of a lifetime.