California: Answering the Call of Nature

If you are in California right now, and you harbor a backpacker’s soul, you should be dancing with excitement. Because right now you are in the cradle of an immensely promising backpacking trail! A trail that has every bit of natural beauty on offer! Let your imagination fly…let’s get started on the journey already…even before you physically hike through the majestic trails of California.

Here are the top three trails that you would surely not like to miss out!

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Yosemite National Park

Even before you officially step inside the Yosemite National Park, your senses will be thrilled with the natural beauty of the place.

“Monstrous white cliffs in Yosemite Valley, sky-piercing summits in the backcountry, vanilla-scented pine forests at every trailhead, creeks that slide in sheets across polished granite slabs, then shoot into space—the wonders never cease.”

There is a lollipop loop up in the Merced River High Trail from the Yosemite Valley and past the Merced Lake. It soaks up around 50 miles of splendid yet still to be popular terrain.

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John Muir Trail

Tracing about 210 miles across the backpacker-friendly mountains and their carelessly forested valleys, the John Muir Trail can be truly described as the sunshine path. The trail begins at 4,000 feet in the Yosemite National Park and ends at the feet of Mt. Whitney’s summit up at 14,494 feet.

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Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park

The King’s Canyon is a less popular section of the Yosemite. But the back-country section of it is so profoundly endowed with white-granite peaks, forests of golden-barked pines along with crystal blue lakes, and occasional streams and waterfalls…. In here, you are up for a grand tour sprinkled with the lush green meadows, the granite-lined tarns and a 50-mile hike up the Rae Lakes Loop.

There are plenty of other hiking trails in California.

  • Half-Dome Hike: A One-day backpacking through the stunningly gorgeous Yosemite Valley.

  • Berry Creeks Falls Loop at Big Basin redwoods State Park: It is a long hike through shimmering waterfalls and primitive redwoods.

  • Muir Loop and Tourist Club Loop: It is the backdoor entrance to the Muir Woods and being seldom crowded, you can enjoy the scenery peacefully.

  • Mount Diablo’s Grand Loop: It is a 40 minute hike and the view is nothing less than panoramic.

  • Sturtevant Falls: The hike is a leisurely one through an enchanted portion of the San Gabriel Mountains that finally leads to a fifty foot waterfall.

There are so many more hiking trails that it cannot be completed in a single go! Hence, it is better to have a guide. And the book Backpacking California is ideal in this regard. Every possible trail in California is covered in this book with every other detail you might need. So, now that you have a perfect guide to help you en route, enjoy your backpacking trip in California.

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