HIKING STICK: the must have “Accessory” for a backpacking trip!!

No backpacking trip can be complete without a hiking stick! It is by far, the most needed “backpacking accessory” and the most seasoned hiker might flounder without his faithful hiking stick! It doesn’t matter what your age, sex, hiking trail and fitness level is, a hiking stick is indispensable.

Here is showing you just why a hiking stick becomes necessary on backpacking trips…

So why should you use Hiking sticks at all?

You will find it easier to:

  • Maintain balance while:
  • Traversing rocky and uneven topographies.
  • Carrying heavy backpacks and rucksacks.
  • Crossing streams and narrow brooks with heavy goods on your back.
  • Taking short rests on slopes and hillsides.
  • Make Maneuvers:
  • Over fallen trees that might block your path.
  • While trying to break a fall in case of any unfortunate accident or tripping.

  • Reduce pressure and stress:
  • On your legs, back and knees.
  •  Gives you added
  • Footage while going downhill.
  • Support on your back and knees as you go uphill.
  • Further uses include:
  • Self defense might sound a bit farfetched but you can’t predict what will happen, it is an adventure after all!
  • Makes a good resting stick.
  • Allows you get rid of spider webs and foliage that get in the way.
  • Acts as a good prop for your backpack!
  • Good shock absorbers in case you lose your footing and slip.

Moving on…what are the ADVANTAGES that a good hiking stick affords?

The advantages of a hiking stick can make your backpacking trip a piece of cake,
figuratively speaking of course. 🙂
  • The shock absorbing facility allows your knee joints greater protection. This is especially beneficial for those who have joint problems or are not regular hikers…
  • As you carry heavy backpacks, your neck and shoulders take a lot of pressure and a good hiking stick can help a lot by giving you additional support. This boosts your endurance.
  • A good hiking staff allows you to get into a rhythm as you walk the trail…this makes the walking part less tiring.
  • You can easily use your hiking stick to prop the new lightweight tents that are used for hiking and camping these days.

Unlikely as it sounds, a hiking stick can have DISADVANTAGES, however few…

  • Hiking sticks, especially the good long lasting variety can be a bit of a pocket pinch…that is the major downside. But it IS long lasting!!
  • The ones with the anti-shock facility can be a little heavy and trying. But the newer models strive to tackle this problem successfully.
  • Walking poles can be a bit too long for your comfort but choose a collapsible one, and you will do just fine.

Now that you have the ups and downs of hiking sticks, how do you choose one?

Expert ways to choose your hiking stick!!

Step 1

Know your own strength and weaknesses, and ability. The choice of lightweight or sturdy heavyweight walking sticks depends on your own needs. Those with weak knees require anti-shock models rather than the standard varieties.

Step 2

Whether you will take compact poles or standard ones depends on your height. So get the height of the user straight. Go for the ones with the locking mechanism.

Step 3

Choose the bottom of the poles depending on whether you are going hiking on a smoother terrain or rocky topography. A sturdier hiking pole is mandatory for a rough terrain.

Step 4

The grip depends on your preference alone…you can have a cork, foam or rubber grip depending on your choice.

If you are still worried about which brands to choose from, rest easy.

You have ample choices from:

  • Black Diamond trekking poles
  • Leki Hiking poles
  • Komperdell Trekking Hiking Poles

Now that you have enough information on hiking sticks…you can make an informed decision on how to choose one. Have fun on your hiking trip with your loyal hiking stick!! 🙂

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