Ensuring Hygiene and Water Purification even in the Heart of Wilderness!

Backpacking is a fun activity! Those cool outdoor people do it all the time and with élan! You always thought backpackers are the fittest and most active guys ever; and they look super cool on TV. You’re right, but at the same time you should know that backpackers aren’t invincible! They are just regular folks and like you, they can face a whole lot of problems when out in the wild.

But, a seasoned backpacker will always do his homework. And part of it is to make sure you’re ready for anything and everything, especially when it comes to hygiene and water sources!

As the Lebanese saying goes, “Hygiene is two-thirds of health.” So when you’re amidst Nature, it’s up to you to ensure proper hygiene practices.  And if you’re worried about how to go about the hygiene requisites, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re confused about the technicalities of a Hydration bladder, or the whole idea of special gear for hygiene in the wild perplexes you, expert help is here to dissolve these issues.

Now you might think keeping clean throughout the trail is no mean feat. It isn’t, but all the same, should be done.  All the tips that you’ll need to bear in mind are made available for you in our inner pages.

When it comes to toilet rules, you can still ensure your “golden rules” with modifications out in the wild. You will also get to know how indispensable hand sanitizers are, especially when you’re out in the woods without a viable water source at hand.

Check out our inner pages to learn simple and easy tricks that will make you as good as a pro at backpacking!