Choose These Four Outdoor Clothing Articles To Make Your Backpacking A Success

To set out on a backpacking journey is equivalent to setting out on a journey into the unknown! The terrain is unknown and so is the vegetation and the wildlife, plus, the kind of weather you will face cannot be said for certain! Don’t you think under such circumstances, packing for your trip without taking the outdoor clothing into considerations will be incomplete?

So, what are the basic clothing requirements for backpacking? Instead of playing a guessing game, just read on!

Head Wear: While packing for the headwear you should pack everything; from light breathable caps to protect from the sun or a light drizzle to warm knit hats for temperature dips en route.

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Foot Wear: Undoubtedly, a pair of quality hiking boots is a top-priority gear for any backpacker. Pick the right pair and you will be able to go across even the most difficult trail with a smile on your face.

Hand Wear: If you are using a stick for support on your trek, then winter or not, your backpack should consist of hand wear. Thin gloves are good for the grip they provide. In winter, however, you will be requiring thick and insulated gloves to prevent your hands from freezing. According to weather demands, even waterproof gloves may be necessary, so it’s wiser to include a pair.

Dressing: You need to stay comfortable and at ease throughout your trail. Thus, you should dress in such a way that can be easily adjusted to suit changing weather conditions. Big black boots are ideal; also opt for a pair of sturdy long pants and include a fleece jacket!

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