6 Popular Backpacking Trail Choices Across USA

Once you have decided the activity- to go BACKPACKING, your next thought could be wondering where to go! Yes, certainly you have heard of a number of different trails that have been praised by someone or the other you know, but don’t you think it’s better that you do some reading up on a few yourself before you pick one? And don’t forget… You cannot properly plan your hike and decide on the necessary equipment till you know a little about your chosen trail…

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For those who are still stuck in the stage of trying to pick a trail, this is your guide to some of the popular trails across USA.  

  • Oregon- Connects the Missouri river to Oregon… Historically it was a wagon trail, 2000 miles long and going from east to west, across the Rockies!

  • Pennsylvania – The state has quite a few scenic trails. Pennsylvania is famous for its Mountain biking and bicycle trails and presents opportunities for a variety of recreational activities like camping…

  • Washington -Offers a range of easy, moderate and difficult hikes on a number of trails to suit your tastes.

  • California is for those wanting to retrace the steps of the 250,000 or something emigrants who travelled in search of Gold and land!

  • San Francisco is perfect for you if you want the right mix of walks in the city and hikes in the woods!

  • Colorado-Trail stretches from Denver through the breathtaking Colorado Rocky Mountains, with all its creeks and diverse ecology, to Durango.

This was just a sneak peak, but in our inner sections we unravel the exciting world of backpacking trails across USA, so go check them all before selecting and planning your next trek!

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