Prepare In Advance To Not Let It Rain In On Your Backpack Plans!

When you go backpacking, you are almost completely dependent on the forces of nature, right? And rain can literally and metaphorically be an absolute damper! Imagine the scenario, you stand the chance of not only getting drenched, but even being stranded, and in extremely unfortunate situations, it can even mean falling sick…

So here’s help for you:

  • A List of To-Dos to stay prepared for Rain
  • A video with expert tips on Rain Gear!
  • Essential Packing List for Rain

So just read on…

To-dos to Prepare for Rain while Backpacking

  1. Do a rain check. Check the forecasts in advance.

  2. Pack some tarps for protection.

  3. Carry Waterproof Backpacks.

  4. Pack your things in plastic bags – Ziploc or Clear recycling ones.

  5. Say no to ground cloths. They only create a pool of water.

  6. Use heavy-duty builder’s plastic to make tent liners to place under the tent floor.

  7. If there is rain, a stove is a must to make a fire.

  8. Carry a waterproof Map. You don’t want to be stranded!

  9. Rain outside doesn’t mean you’ll stay hydrated. So don’t forget to drink the required amount of water!

  10. Watch out for changes that foretell rain.

    • Streams that suddenly fill up or become heavier flowing.
    • Keep a look out for slips caused by water erosion. You may find signs indicating this.
  11. Beware of leeches. Rain and swamps are very hospitable to them!

  12. Don’t set up camp in dry river beds, or near any shallow river or river beds.

  13. Don’t take shelter inside any natural or man-made water conduits during monsoon. In case of rain they’ll be the first to flood.

  14. When the rain becomes too heavy find some shelter, preferably a cave or big tree. But during thunderstorms avoid trees.

  15. Rain will mean no venturing out of tent. So be prepared with activities like cards and games or music to stay occupied “indoors”.

  16. Avoid cotton clothes – wear nylon or synthetic for summer & wool or polypropylene for winter.

  17. Wear waterproof boots and carry good quality gaiters to protect your legs.

  18. There are various different rainproof clothes to carry – ponchos, waterproof pants, and rain coats.

For more info on rain gears, check out this helpful expert video:

And now for what to pack…

Packing Checklist

If the chances of rain are high, but you still want to go for the hike, then pack accordingly. And for that just follow this checklist:

  • Contractor bag to pack your dry things.
  • A spare contractor bag, just in case!
  • Recyclable plastic bags or Ziploc bags.
  • Big tarps.
  • Emergency Poncho.
  • Chocolates, hot teas or soups in thermos, nuts, cookies and dry fruits to eat to keep your energy up.
  • Water.
  • Water proof map and map case.
  • Ropes.
  • A spare pair of socks.
  • Hooded raincoat.
  • Gaiters.
  • Water-proof boots.
  • An umbrella….
  • And of course, don’t forget to pack it all in a water-proof backpack!

Hiking is an adventure in itself, and even though you should ideally avoid rain, if you are extra adventurous or just plain unfortunate and get caught up in a down-pour, these preparatory steps will definitely see you through!

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