Kick-start your Backpacking Trip!

Is backpacking one of those things that you’ve always dreamt of doing? Backpacking is THE ultimate adventure… It can also be the ultimate test of endurance and the only way to prepare yourself the right way is to anticipate everything that you may face during the trip. To be able to truly enjoy backpacking one needs skill… and a pretty good planning and preparation stint! And wouldn’t it be great if someone could organize a list for you? Here is a little checklist, just follow it and you’ll be ready to go!

  • Fitness-permission. Get yourself tested, because you cannot go back-packing without a fitness certificate.
  • Keeping Fit. Get together some tips on how you can stay fit and fine throughout…
  • Backpacking with Kids. If you have kids and it’s a family adventure, then it’s essential you find out what are the dangers that you may face.
  • Checklist of Essential gears. Ideally you should make a list and tick off each item as it is packed. Don’t want to find yourself missing one of the essentials, do you?
  • Going Alone. This requires a lot of courage, and EVEN MORE planning, so that you can be prepared for any eventuality!
  • Fast packing. Pack light, pack less… to keep fun at a max!
  • Planning. This is an essential item on this list! Plan so that you don’t have to face any unpleasant surprises! What you need to see is how….
  • Maps & navigation (GPS). You don’t want to get lost in the desert, do you?! Modern technology makes it as easy as breathing to keep track with some simple maps and gadgets!
  • Camping; Shelters & tents. No backpacking trip is complete without these. Find out what’s perfect for you!

    Credit Source:Flickr

Once every item in this list has been explored and checked off, no one can be better prepared than you! So go now and prepare for that large shot of adventure!