Dealing With Weather While Backpacking!

Once you decide upon your backpacking destination, ensure that you make proper arrangements to tackle the whims of nature! Otherwise, it can land you in hassles that you could never dream of! So how should you gear yourself for a ‘weather-proof’ backpacking?

  • Back Packing In High Elevation: Make sure that the bag you choose is not too heavy, and make sure that you pack sunscreen, extra clothes, utensils, insect repellent and adequate and reliable water purifying stuff with you.
  • Back Packing In Snow-clad Areas: Don’t pack cotton clothes. They don’t insulate properly. Also, make sure that you have more than one way to light up a fire. Take fire starters, lighters, and matches with you. Don’t forget to pack snow gear essentials such as winter jackets, sleeping bags etc.
  • Back packing In Desert Terrain: Whenever you are travelling to an arid land, make sure that you equip yourself with a dependable trail map, which is detailed enough to show water tanks, windmills, buildings and the springs. Also, you should know that cell phones may or may not work in remote deserts, so you can consider using satellite cell phones.
  • How To Stay Prepared For Rain: First of all, it is important to stay informed of the weather forecast before you set out. Also, make sure that you carry your emergency poncho, raincoat, gaiter, water resistant pants, and boots with you.
  • Points To Remember For Thunderstorms During Backpacking: It is not very wise to camp in an open area or under any tall tree in a field. Also, you should not cook in the camp spot if there is lightning, storm and thunder.
  • Backpacking Along The Forested Trails: If your choice is a getaway into the wilderness of nature reserves, it is usually more fun if you go with a group of select friends.  Also do not forget to carry a proper trail map, a pocket knife (the Swiss army-type is great), Flashlight, or head lamp, Compass, First Aid kit, insect repellants, etc. They may come handy any time. And of course, do not forget the water purifiers.

Credit Source:Flickr

That, in short, says much about how you should tackle the different and often unfavorable conditions of Weather and Nature while you are out backpacking. Don’t you think that a little more detailed discussion on the subject will make your backpacking experience happier? You’ll find the details in our inner sections.